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I'm trying to setup the registration function on my site and I need to validate user's input of country of select type:

public function rules()
        return array(
            'country' => array(
                array(array($this, 'country_from_list'), array(':validation', ':field'))

and here is my callback:

public static function country_from_list($values)
    // array id => value
    $countries = ORM::factory('country')->getActive('array');

    return Validation::factory($values)
        ->rule('country', 'in_array', array(':value', $countries));

but it doesn't work. Any ideas? I'm trying to port it from Kohana 3.0.9...

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If you're passing the Validation object to the callback method, you can do a custom error on it if it fails your condition. (inside of your callback: $validation->error(...))

Otherwise, your callback should accept the field's value, return bool and look like this :

// The callback method is static, you shouldn't call it on the instance.
array(array('Model_Whatever::country_from_list'), array(':value'))

And the method:

public static function country_from_list($value)
    return in_array($value, ORM::factory('country')->getActive('array'));
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Thank you, with a coulple of changes it works. –  nazarov Jun 16 '11 at 8:40
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There is one issue (at least). The following:

array(':value', $countries)

is actually an array, where:

  • first element is :value string,
  • second element is the result of ORM::factory('country')->getActive('array'),

But I am not an expert in Kohana 3.1's validation - I heard it has changed since 3.0.

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