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I am building a search result page that needs to be formatted for the iPhone. I have built a browser based web application in Dashcode and input data from a php file. For this example I will call the php file test.php. Here is the basic model. (the i= is the query for the php)

web app sends i= --------> test.php --------> mysqldatabase


mysqldatabase ---------> test.php ----------> JSON output


JSON output ------> Dashcode Browser Graphical UI

The data is getting encoded, but not loading into Dashcode's browser UI. Ideas?

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It's probably the same-origin policy. Under "Run & Share" enter the domain hosting your PHP file in the "Simulate running on domain:" field (and check the checkbox next to it).

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If you want to go "cross-domain" while testing within dashcode… this proxy.php snippet allows you to enter a URL such as… http://myprivatedomain.com/proxy.php?url=https://some.twitter.jsonapi.url%8483948 and use it all, without whining, from DashCode….

<?php    $filename = $_REQUEST['url'];
         header('Content-Type: application/json');
         ob_flush();                            ?>
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