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I have worked with Moodle and Joomla before. [php, mysql] I thought of Moodle as first choice, but have some questions to make sure is the correct choice for the job!

Basically, I need to let the carers create online observations for each child, with tagged photos

the child parents, can check the data posted by the carer, for just his own child, and have a public access for end of year portfolio etc,

  • So is it possible to have this?, may be create a course for each child with his data?, or is there a Moodle module for this?


the different part, that I need is that the teachers[carers], generate a "course", for each child [with text, pics, etc], that "course" gets approved by the office, and then the parents can see that content of the "course" for the child,

Is this possible with Moodle?, Jooma? [or Joomla LMS?] or do I have to roll my own?

Ok, thanks a lot!

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You can do it all with Moodle. Be ready to roll your own to combine a ton of thirt-party modules.

Joomla LMS is a single solution. But it costs... It has powerful role management options, integrated with JomSocial. Head office and parent roles are default ones. I'm not sure they have course approvement options. Any way you can disable self registration and then head office can just enroll a child manually. Try a trial.

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