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I have a model User with Latitude and Longitude data stored using Mongo DB.

I'm using the google maps javascript api v3 to get this data.

What's the best way to display "Nearby Users"?

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Sorry, but this is "overly broad", while simultaneously being "too localized". We're here to help, not think for you. Show us a specific problem you're having with this, or at tell us what isolated part is giving you trouble. – coreyward Jun 16 '11 at 4:29
sorry, i should have phrased this differently:/ i can think of various solutions obviously, but i didn't know mongo had geospacial indexing. DhruvPathak's answer was perfect. – kinet Jun 16 '11 at 18:13

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Though DhruvPathak answer is correct, here is the equivalent mongoid ruby code for doing geo queries

User.where(:loc => {'$near' => [50,50]})

User.where(:loc => {'$near' => [50,50],'$maxDistance' => 5})
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Store your data so that it can have geospatial indexing. MongoDb has inbuilt support for this. Then you can easily use inbuilt querying for distance/proximity .

Have a look at :


The index can be used for exact matches:

db.places.find( { loc : [50,50] } )

Of course, that is not very interesting. More important is a query to find points near another point, but not necessarily matching exactly:

db.places.find( { loc : { $near : [50,50] } } )

The above query finds the closest points to (50,50) and returns them sorted by distance (there is no need for an additional sort parameter). Use limit() to specify a maximum number of points to return (a default limit of 100 applies if unspecified):

db.places.find( { loc : { $near : [50,50] } } ).limit(20)

You can also use $near with a maximum distance

db.places.find( { loc : { $near : [50,50] , $maxDistance : 5 } } ).limit(20)*
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wow, mongoid rocks. – kinet Jun 16 '11 at 6:38
@kinet Correction....MONGODB rocks ! :) – DhruvPathak Jun 17 '11 at 6:05

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