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I wrote this sample code to check whether integer or string index is better in perl hash.

use Time::Local;
use Time::HiRes qw/gettimeofday/;

my %string_hash;
my %int_hash;

$i_count = 100;
$j_count = 100;
$k_count = 1000;
foreach $i (0..$i_count)
    foreach $i (0..$j_count)
        foreach $k (0..$k_count)
            $i += 0;$j += 0;$k += 0;
            $int_hash{$i}->{$j}->{$k}           = 1;
            $string_hash{"$i"}->{"$j"}->{"$k"}  = 1;

my $profile = gettimeofday();
print "String hash start:$profile\n";
foreach $i (keys %string_hash)
    foreach $j(keys %{ $string_hash{$i} })
        foreach $k(keys %{ $string_hash{$i}{$j} })
            $i += 0;$j += 0;$k += 0;
            $val = $string_hash{$i}->{$j}->{$k};
printf("String hash took:%d millisec\n", (gettimeofday()-$profile)*1000);

$profile = gettimeofday();
print "Int hash start:$profile\n";
foreach $i (keys %int_hash)
    foreach $j(keys %{ $int_hash{$i} })
        foreach $k(keys %{ $int_hash{$i}{$j} })
            $i += 0;$j += 0;$k += 0;
            $val = $int_hash{$i}->{$j}->{$k};
printf("Int hash took:%d millisec\n", (gettimeofday()-$profile)*1000);

I got this output

$ perl String hash start:1308199085.84375 String hash took:500 millisec Int hash start:1308199086.34379 Int hash took:428 millisec

I am trying this in Cygwin (Windows) and Perl version is 5.10.1

I have couple of questions here 1)When we store a integer in Hash whether a hash key is computed for that or Perl uses the vale directly in the bucket? 2)Instead of storing a string if i convert the same to a integer whether i will get any performance improvements? 3)If i need to keep a 64 bit value as the key in multihash , which will give better performance bigint or keep the 64bit value as a string

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use the Benchmark module – ysth Jun 16 '11 at 4:51
If you are using sequential integers starting from 0, you should be using an array, which will be measurably faster than a hash. – Eric Strom Jun 16 '11 at 20:48
Its not sequential and read data from a file which is bigint – Raghuram Jun 17 '11 at 5:23
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Hashes in Perl only ever have strings as keys. So your $int_hash's keys are all coerced into strings anyway, and so any difference in run time between the two versions should be negligible.

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