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Migrating a legacy database from SQL Server 2000, and there are a few scheduled tasks that use SP_OACreate & CDOSYS to send emails to an open SMTP relay as in this KB article:

In SQL Server 2008 R2, what's the best (simplest) way to replace the sendmail functionality? It seems like DB Mail is the new best recommended way, anyone have much experience with it or another alternative?

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Yes, DB Mail is by far the best way: it's simple SMTP.

Don't think about using:

  • sp_OA% and cdosys (sp_OA% can be tricky and leak resources)
  • xp_sendmail (require local Outlook install for MAPI client)
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thanks, all the answers were pretty similar but I accepted yours as you addressed the deficiencies of the alternatives as well. cheers! – matao Jun 16 '11 at 7:37

Setup the SQL Server using DB Mail. It is fairly simple and uses SQL Service broker to manager messages - which means that you dont loose mail if you cant connect to the SMTP server.

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Yes, I use sp_send_dbmail primarily for sending mail within SQL Server, and it seems to be easy enough to set up and a reliable option, with plenty of configuration available.

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