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I had downloaded Mercurial for eclipse, i also saw the video about how to set up the plug-in in eclipse. In this video : They import it in eclipse using file > import. But when i do the same, there is no option like Mercurial shown. Also, after that they copy paste some link in the given box.(I don't know what it is exactly, as i haven't been able to reach till there.) Where do they copy this link from, they don't show it clearly. I tried searching for it on their website, but their website is hopeless.

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The Import part comes after installing the plugin. To install plugin in eclipse go to, Help->Install new Software

In work with give this url:

You will see name, Mercurial Eclipse snapshot releases. Check the box next to it and go next and finish it.

After restart you should see the Mercurial folder after doing a File->Import

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Yes, it did work. Thank you – Tejas Tamkahne Jun 16 '11 at 7:24

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