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I am doing query conversion from SQL Server to MySQL. So can anyone suggest a website which provides the different keywords that will do the same operation in SQL Server and MySQL respectively?

For example, To get the current time we will use following keywords

 MSSQL   getdate()
 MYSQL   now()

like this, for all the operations I need keywords.

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I did it a few times, my suggestion is to google as following

Mssql getdate() in Mysql

and than you get to sites like

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Have you looked at the MySQL documentation available on the web site?

A quick search found this: A Practical Guide to Migrating From Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL

You have to register to get the document but it's probably worth a read.

I also found this page: Migrating from Microsoft SQL Server and Access to MySQL

Which has some general information on the process and list some migration tools (although some may be specific to Access)

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