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How to checkout/clone only working directory (Latest SRC snapshot) in mercurial, and not the entire repository(history and all).

i know it against the dvcs philosophy, but is it possible ?? If so how

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If you have local access to the repository, you could use the hg archive command.

If you want a snapshot of a remotely hosted repository, it depends on the used web interface and its configuration. For instance Bitbucket allows you to download packages of specific revisions. Mercurial's standard web interface (the one you see when running hg serve) also has this functionality, if enabled.

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Most of the usual web frontends to Mercurial repos have the option to download a tarball of a specific revision. This is not always enabled, but widely available. As an example, the current tarball of the Mercurial repo itself:

Instead of the hash, any symbolic revision (tag or branch name) can be specified.

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But note that it is not a clone, or a checkout. You can't commit and push changes back to the repository, but it doesn't sound like the OP wants that either. – Lasse V. Karlsen Jun 16 '11 at 8:15

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