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i'm trying to add new field to existing gsp page which was written by some other guy.

           <g:select name="clientId" multiple = "yes" size = "4" from="${com.mycompany.fleet.partymodel.roles.ClientRole.list()}" class = "filter_combo" optionKey="id" />

and by using jquery he is getting selected values like this

        var selectedclients = "${clientId}";
        console.log(selectedclients); // prints id of selected Clients 

i'm adding new drop down like this in same page

 <g:select name="contractId"  multiple = "yes" size = "4" from="${com.mycompany.fleet.rules.Contract.list()}" class = "filter_combo" optionKey="id"/>

and i'm trying to get the selected values using jquey like this

var selectedcontracts = "${contractId}";

but its not feching the selected values ... am i doing anything wrong here ? above "${clientId}"; what this exactly mean ?

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the from tag may be the issue. Are you including the source of the from tag as well? –  R1234 Jun 16 '11 at 8:00
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I don't believe that is using JQuery, that is just putting the current value for clientId into the javascript for var selectedclients = "${clientId}"; using standard GSP templating.

ie: when the page is generated, ${clientId} gets replaced with the value in the model

Are you adding contractId to the model in the Controller?

One thing to watch out for here is that if the clientId or contractId has a double quote in them (ie, if clientId was Tim"busy" Yates, then this will generate invalid javascript, as the generated code would look like:

var selectedclients = "Tim "working" Yates" ;

However, if it's just an integer id then I guess this would be ok

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yes you are right tim_yates! the value was passing from controller.. Thanks alot! –  maaz Jun 16 '11 at 9:06
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How about:

var selectedcontracts = $('select [name="contractId"]').val();
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