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here is my code

alter procedure test1 as
select DeptID,DeptName from Department

alter procedure test2 as
--Create Table #tab (DeptID INT, DeptName VARCHAR(255))
exec test1
select * from #tab
drop table #tab

exec test2

i am getting error like Invalid object name #tab if i write the line like at begining Create Table #tab (DeptID INT, DeptName VARCHAR(255)) then i am not getting error.

so please tell me what is wrong in my code. can i populate temp table from store procedure with declaring temp table with column definition.

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Do you want to populate a temp table with the results of a Stored Procedure without having to first create the table definition? Basically, a dynamically created temp table? – codingbadger Jun 16 '11 at 7:57
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When loading a temp table from a stored procedure, then you have to CREATE the table first.

There is no straightforward equivalent of

SELECT * INTO #temptable FROM AnotherTable

The non-straightforward version (read all about the bad stuff on "How to Share Data Between Stored Procedures". And simpler) would be

SELECT * INTO #temptable FROM OPENQUERY(Loopback, 'exec test1')
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what is loop back here any way i solved the problem....thanks.alter procedure test1 as select DeptID,DeptName from Department go alter procedure test2 as SELECT * INTO #tab FROM OPENROWSET('SQLNCLI', 'server=\bbareman;trusted_connection=yes', 'set fmtonly off exec MyTest.dbo.test1') select * from #tab drop table #tab go – Mou Jun 16 '11 at 8:37

It's because the Local Temporary table #tab which you are expecting does not existing in the session.

So the table creation should not be commented line.

Create Table #tab (DeptID INT, DeptName VARCHAR(255))

Moreover, if you want to do without creating the table then it should be like below

Alter procedure test2 
Set NoCount ON
IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#tab') IS NOT NULL
    Drop table #temp

SELECT DeptID, DeptName INTO #tab from Department
Select * from #tab
Drop table #tab


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