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How can I set the vertical scroller style in NSScrollView?

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Yes you can set the size in Xcode.
Or rather in Interface Builder:

enter image description here

Make sure to expand the objects panel on the left.
Then you can see two NSScroller objects in the scroll view.
Just select them and set the control size in the Inspector Panel to Small or Mini.

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If you're using Interface Builder, deselect "automatically hide scrollers". The scroll bars then become visible. Click a scroll bar and edit its control size attributes in the inspector.

If you're doing this in code:

NSScrollView* myScrollView = ...;
[[myScrollView verticalScroller] setControlSize: NSSmallControlSize]; // or whatever
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How about in Xcode? Can I edit its control size attributes in Xcode? – user718408 Jun 16 '11 at 14:17

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