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I am planning to start a bulk sms service provider business. However I have the following doubts:

  1. Which SMS/MMS Gateway software is good/best for high volume traffic( OzekiNG, NowSMS etc)?
  2. Do I need to setup connections with all the major mobile operators or a single major operator will also work?
  3. For the case of 2-way SMSs how can I charge money from the customers?(e.g. usually the operator charges for the sms, but I need to get something also)
  4. How much will be the initial costing?
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  1. Consider kannel? http://www.kannel.org/
  2. It depend, to guarantee realiability, you should consider connect to the mobile operator. But it would seem a lot of mno in the world hence there are some other aggregators which you can connect to such as the one you mentioned in your first question.
  3. You need something called reverse charging. Read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_SMS_billing for more information.
  4. The cost will always depend on which operator you integrate with. So remember to quote for their initial costing. You can reference the operators pricing mechanism.
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