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I use a linkedlist in my java program, and the element is a custom type which has three fields, one of them is of Integer type. My problem is: how to sort the linkedlist according the value of the Integer filed?

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possible duplicate of Sort ArrayList of custom Objects by property – krlmlr May 31 '13 at 17:54
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You can use the Collections.sort method with a custom Comparator.

Collections.sort(your_list, new Comparator<YoureValueType>(){
   public int compare(YoureValueType o1, YoureValueType o2){
        if(o1.getMagicInt() < o2.getMagicInt()){
           return -1; 
        if(o1.getMagicInt() > o2.getMagicInt()){
           return 1; 
        return 0;

Edit: I just saw Alexandr comment about very large and small values on waldheinz answer. I updated my code to reflect his argument.

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You can use a Comparator which knows how to sort your Objects like this:

public class Foo {

    public String ignoreMe;
    public int sortOnMe;
    public Object ignoreMeToo;

    public static void main() {
        final List<Foo> unsorted = new LinkedList<Foo>();

        // add elements...

        Collections.sort(unsorted, new Comparator<Foo>() {

            public int compare(Foo o1, Foo o2) {
                return o1.sortOnMe < o2.sortOnMe ? -1 : o1.sortOnMe == o2.sortOnMe ? 0 : 1;


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this code may give the wrong answer when there is overflow. For instance, when comparing a large negative value to a large positive value, the difference may be more than the largest value that can be stored in an integer, Integer.MAX_VALUE. – Alexandr Jun 16 '11 at 9:47
public int compare(Foo o1, Foo o2) { return o1.sortOnMe < o2.sortOnMe ? -1 : o1.sortOnMe == o2.sortOnMe ? 0 : 1 ; } – Alexandr Jun 16 '11 at 9:48
@Alexandr You are right. Fixed it. I think I have to look through some code I wrote in the past 10 years or so now. Oh my... – Waldheinz Jun 16 '11 at 10:07

You can use Custom Comparator

See Also

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Simply write a class that implements Comparator-Interface.

Than use Collections.sort(list, comparator) to sort your List.

For more informations read this tutorial

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