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Is there no novel way to pass data to server avoiding form submit? Is there any new ideas that can lead to future technologies that use other means?

I am facing the following situation. I am using JSF and constantly sending data to Server and parts of the pages are updated (ajax). I have encapsulate the JSF components so that the value can be submitted to the server. My Question is: Is there any way to invoke a server side method (update a variable) and pass data to it, from the client side? As i understand jQuery.post() lets you define a url but how would you invoke a method with a path or update a variable?

Be constructive with your comments.

PS: It was not funny to simply hack on my points. It is supposed to be an open ended question. Not to prove how I can show the question sucks. Be mindful, it aint funny

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How is AJAX everywhere and everyone is doing form submit equivalent? –  Richard Neil Ilagan Jun 16 '11 at 9:38
Yeah, AJAX does it without form submit. See $.ajax for simple usage. As for ROR and the others, none of them are dependent on form submit, unless by that you mean they utilize the POST/GET HTTP methods (as does loading images and other external components), in which case I'm not sure why we'd need a novel way. –  brymck Jun 16 '11 at 9:39
Your question is terribly formulated, but in the end I think you're just looking for <f:ajax>, right? –  BalusC Jun 16 '11 at 13:22
@BalusC: <f:ajax> is not what i am looking for. jsf components rely heavily (or only) on form submit to do stuff. I am trying to understand if there is another way without using the form. It is always a pleasure to have your insightful knowledge. –  tchoesang Jun 16 '11 at 13:39
Maybe you are looking for web services? You can invoke methods of EJBs via HTTP by annotating them with @WebMethod or any kind of bean (including EJBs and CDI beans) by using JAX-RS annotations such as @GET. –  akira Jun 17 '11 at 13:22

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Er, I believe Ajax already does what you're asking...

ultimately, all interaction with a web server is defined by the HTTP protocol

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Sounds like you're talking about AJAX

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You can pass data via the query string, via JSON data, as well as other things...

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Why not send data to server using javascript. Basically there are four options:

  1. Use ICallBackEventHandler
  2. Make a Webservice and call it's function from javascript. You need to add ScriptService attribute.
  3. Make an ajax call to webservice.
  4. Use PageMethods.
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With jQuery, try $.post(url, data, callback); to post, $.get(url, data, callback); to get. There's also $.load for dynamically loading cotent and $.getJSON for getting JSON. If you feel like it, you can play with the lower level $.ajax.

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