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So Im being a bit anal here but I cant get add-content to add both a string and the output of a cmdlet so it would look something like this;

Add-content -path $logfile -value "This is my text"+(Get-Date)

I realise I can just add another line to set a variable to the result of get-date but and then pass the variable into my add-content command but I just wondered if I could do it in a single line, like a said Im being anal lol



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Try "This is my text $(Get-Date)"

In PowerShell, strings in double quotes can contain variables and expressions. If it's not a simple expression (e.g. "This is a $value"), then you need to wrap the expression in $() (e.g. "This is a $($value + 1)").

Note that strings in single quotes are "verbatim strings" and do not allow escape characters or expressions.

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Nice work, Im I right in saying the $ puts PS back into expression mode? –  Andy Walker Mar 12 '09 at 11:01
Right, $() makes PS evaluate expressions inside strings with double quotes. –  Mohit Chakraborty Mar 12 '09 at 18:55

I prefer MohitC method but you can also enclose your value in parenthesis:

Add-content -path $logfile -value ('This is my text '+(Get-Date))
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