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I didn't find a Example how to use a fluid partial in a extbase controller to reuse it for an ajax request/response.

Something like the Tag f:render partial="" but in a controller to return the html in a json response.

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I found a solution:

$this->templateView = $this->objectManager->create('Tx_Fluid_View_TemplateView');
$res = t3lib_extMgm::extPath($this->controllerContext->getRequest()->getControllerExtensionKey()) . 'Resources/Private/';
$this->templateView->setPartialRootPath($res . 'Partials/');

$partial = $this->templateView->renderPartial($partialName, Null, $data);

But the only Problem is the setRenderingContext method doesn't set the default RenderingContext correct, i must modify the method.

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