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I learn from examples. I need to integrate twitter into my site in such a way that users communicate with the server via direct messages to my twitter account. It is almost as if Twitter functions as a command line. The nearest approximation for what I am trying to do is like Tipr or Remember the Milk. I'm looking for a complete example site; similar to the extremely simple example sites that sometimes come with O'Reilly books.

A hypothetical example: userJoe registered on my site via Twitter. He DMs CoolSiteBot. My actual server monitors CoolSiteBot's DM feed. userJoe's DM is parsed, code runs, and the server sends a DM from CoolSiteBot in reply.

Like Tipr, the text of the DM is parsed, a calculation is performed, and the result is sent in a reply DM.

Currently, my site is PHP/MySQL, but I can rework stuff if I can get a hold of example code that does what I'm looking for. Something that takes advantage of the Zend Framework might be nice. I really appreciate the help.

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I have found something close to what I'm looking for: Remind Me About – David Jun 16 '11 at 10:59

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