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I am trying to make a simple function to output 2 different lines of text depending on the time of the day. I want it to say after 4pm - Next day delivery will be processed the following day.

I have wrote this so far:


           $currentTime = time() + 3600;
           echo date('H:i',$currentTime);                 


However as the date function returns a string, I am unsure of how to use an IF statement to check whether the time is greater than 16:00

Thank you


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It looks very strange that you shift "currentTime" by an hour. Why is that? I hope it's not for timezone –  mkilmanas Jun 16 '11 at 10:58

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Should do it

if (((int) date('H', $currentTime)) >= 16) {
  // .. do something

Because PHP is weak-typed you can omit the (int)-casting.

As a sidenote: If you name a variable $currentTime, you shouldn't add 1 hour to it, because then its not the current time anymore, but a time one hour in the future ;) At all

if (date('H') >= 16) { /* .. */ }
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Thankyou that works perfectly –  Glynn Jun 16 '11 at 11:09
if ($currentTime > strtotime('16:00:00')) {
    // whatever you have to do here
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if(mktime(16, 0, 0) < time()) {
    echo "Next day delivery will be processed the following day.";
} else {
   echo "Will be processed today.";
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Use date('H:i:s') to get the time in a string format and compare it with "16:00:00".

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Compare the timestamps.

if (strtotime($date) < strtotime('16:00'))
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Try this

    function checkTime($time1,$time2)
  $start = strtotime($time1);
  $end = strtotime($time2);
  if ($start-$end > 0)
    return 1;
   return 0;

$currentTime = time() + 3600;
$time1 = date('H:i',$currentTime);
$time2 = '16:00';

   echo "First parameter is greater";
   echo "Second parameter is greater";
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Maybe a small improvement, if you want some more accuracy:

if ( (int) date('Hi', $currentTime)  > 1600 ) {
    // .. do something
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