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I dont understand Solr are there any good tutorials except the one provided intheir official page?

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for a noob ???:) – DarthVader Oct 22 '12 at 6:38
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I also dont have much concept about Solr, but a simple google search brought up a great list of some thing that might help you:

  1. Official tutorial
  2. Official JavaDocs
  3. Wiki Page
  4. Another Tutorial PDF
  5. FAQs about SOLR
  6. Tutorial 1
  7. Tutorial 2
  8. Tutorial 3
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I had to learn Solr, and I documented most of what I learned along the way. It might be useful: http://blog.kevindoran.co/solr-tutorial/

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The official tutorial is useful, but very short. I found this tutorial to be extremely helpful:


(This is from the same person who produced Tutorial 4 in the first answer, but that link actually points to a Lucene tutorial, not a Solr tutorial.)

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A good book which teached me a lot of stuff in solr is 'Solr Enterprise Search Server' from PACKT. ISBN: 978-1-847195-88-3 although there is a new version of this book.

It will learn you what the capabillities are with solr and how you can use/install/configure it from step by step.

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