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I store my application settings the C# way (Properties.Settings.Default.Save();). The settings are then stored by the C# runtime in the folder:


The strange thing is that I entered "My Company Name" as the Company-property in Visual Studio ([assembly: AssemblyCompany("My Company Name")]).

So, where do the underscores come from? I've seen other apps creating folders with blanks...

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The problem is that you are adding a property named "My Company Name". That is not a valid member name in C# so it is automatically transformed for you into a valid name: "My_Company_Name"

Same thing happens if you create a new project named "My Project". The default namespace of your project will not be "My Project" because its not valid. The default namespace VS will create for you will be "My_Project".

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+1. Agree. Just adding quote Each application setting must have a unique name; the name can be any combination of letters, numbers, or an underscore that does not start with a number, and cannot contain spaces from here – Reniuz Jun 16 '11 at 11:51

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