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got a little flex application where the content is zoomable. first of all some code

<s:Scroller  verticalScrollPolicy="on"  width="100%" height="100%">

<s:Group scaleX="{breite}" scaleY="{hoehe}" 

         id="mapView" > <!-- zum zoomen -->

    <s:Group horizontalCenter="0"  id="kartePanel"  verticalCenter="0">
    <images:karte  height="630" width="430"   />

        <components:akwOnMap data="{biblis}" verticalCenter="{biblis.y}" horizontalCenter="{biblis.x}" 
                             scaleY="{negate}" scaleX="{negate}" toolTip="{biblis.name}"/>

        <components:akwOnMap data="{akw2}" verticalCenter="{akw2.y}" horizontalCenter="{akw2.x}" 
                             scaleY="{negate}" scaleX="{negate}" toolTip="{akw2.name}"/>

            <components:akwView scaleX="{negate}" data="{akw2}" scaleY="{negate}" verticalCenter="20" horizontalCenter="{80}" >

The zoom just works fine by changing the value from 1 up to 3 with a slider. Midpoint of the zoom is the center of the container (map).

My problem: when i zoom, the scroller cuts a part of the groups. it zooms out of the window?!

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I'm not sure how this covers new ground from your previous question: stackoverflow.com/questions/6361673/… . I'm also not sure why, in the previous question, you selected an answer where you said it didn't work. –  JeffryHouser Jun 16 '11 at 12:21
forget to change my comment, just implementet it wrong. gonna change my comment now... also its another problem now. –  ABLX Jun 16 '11 at 12:39

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private function checkScrolling():void


var imgWidth:Number = mapView.width * mapView.scaleX;
    var imgHeight:Number = mapView.height * mapView.scaleY;

if (mapGroup.contentWidth < imgWidth ||
    mapGroup.contentHeight < imgHeight)
    var excessW:Number = imgWidth - mapGroup.contentWidth;
    var excessH:Number = imgHeight - mapGroup.contentHeight;
    mapGroup.setContentSize(imgWidth, imgHeight);
    if (scroller.horizontalScrollBar)
        scroller.horizontalScrollBar.minimum = -excessW;
        scroller.horizontalScrollBar.maximum = excessW;
        mapGroup.horizontalScrollPosition = 0; 
    if (scroller.verticalScrollBar)
        scroller.verticalScrollBar.minimum = -excessH;
        scroller.verticalScrollBar.maximum = excessH;
        mapGroup.verticalScrollPosition = 0;

this just works fine.

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