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I'm programming a live wallpaper.
I've problem with the "Configure..." button in the Select Wallpaper From popup.
When user clicks to Menu in launcher, then selects the "Wallpaper" button, android shows a popup with these options: Gallery, Live Wallpapers, Wallpaper gallery. If user has actually selected any Live wallpaper, there is an additional item in the popup: Configure..., which allows user to go to wallpaper's preferences directly.

I think that I've properly configured the android:settingsActivity.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<wallpaper xmlns:android=""

The problem: Everything works on my Samsung Galaxy S. I have the "Settings..." next to "Set wallpaper" button, when user selects my wallpaper. There is also the "Configure..." button in the Select Wallpaper From popup. When I installed the wallpaper to the Optimus LG One phone, the Configure... button is not there. So user should go to walpapers list, select again my wallpaper to access the Settings.. button.
Both phones have running the same version of android os - Froyo 2.2.

Please, Is there any other think which I missed, so the LG Optimus One doesn't add the Configure... button to the Select Wallpaper From popup?

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The configure button os not a standard Android feature.

It also does not trigger the necessary callbacks once the user is done tweaking the settings.

So please use caution when relying on the Configure... button.

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