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Any idea whats a simple and fast way to get all words placed on a Scrabble board while the board is represented by 2D Array of chars?

Thanks in advance

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This is similar to Artsiom's answer, but covers for the fact that a Scrabble board will have spaces in between words.

So assuming your "2D Array of chars" looks like this:

board = [['s','t','a','c','k',' ',' ',' '],
         ['p',' ',' ','a',' ','c',' ',' '],
         ['o',' ','a','t',' ','a',' ','a'],
         ['n','o','t',' ',' ','m','a','t'],
         [' ',' ','e',' ',' ',' ',' ','e'],
         [' ',' ','r',' ',' ',' ',' ','r'],
         [' ','e','y','e','s',' ',' ',' ']]

You can do the following:

import itertools
rows = (''.join(row) for row in board)
columns = (''.join(column) for column in zip(*board))
words = [word for line in itertools.chain(rows,columns) for word in line.split() if len(word) > 1]

Which gives:

['stack', 'overflow', 'at', 'not', 'mat', 'eyes', 'spoon', 'eatery', 'cart', 'clam', 'water']

What we're doing is converting each row and column of characters in to strings like 'not mat' and then using str.split() to throw away the spaces to give us a list of words, throwing away anything that's one letter long.

Using itertools.chain() just allows us to loop through the rows and columns in a single list comprehension.

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My fault, works like a charm! Thanks! :) –  Oli Jun 16 '11 at 19:26

Search top to bottom in each column for contiguous sets of characters then search left to right in each row for the same. Its going to be O(n^2) but I don't think you'll be able to get much better.

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I also got a list with all positions of each letter placed on the board, couldn't this list be used somehow in conjunction with the fact that all words are connected by one letter? –  Oli Jun 16 '11 at 13:41
Its possible but I don't think that it would improve your performance by that much. A scrabble board isn't that big and you are most likely still going to have to inspect all of the letters. –  Patrick Jun 16 '11 at 13:52

If i am correctly understood you than you can also try to use something like this:

a = [['w','o','r','d'],

lines = (''.join(line) for line in a)
rows = (''.join(line) for line in zip(*a))

print list(lines)
print list(rows)
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