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Ok So I am in need of a login page for my application, and once logged in will display a UITabBar with two tabs, one with a navigation controller, the other is a simple UIViewController.

At the moment, my UITabBar is the root controller but only want this to be shown once you have "logged in"

I want a button on my UIViewController which when clicked, will swap in the UITabBar controller.

any ideas how to do this?

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You can create a modalViewController with property- username, password; with actions - Submit and Forgot Login and use them accordingly.

On the event that the Login is successful, dismissModalViewController LoginViewController and passdown the information to the AppDelegate and make the rootViewController (First Tab) as the viewController.

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You should be able to present a full screen modal window at your app start to log in, keeping your UITabBar as the root controller. Then once logged in, dismiss the modal window, showing the tabBar

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