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I was unable to find any information about if the Thrust library could support matrix operations. Therefore, I was wondering if it were possible to use the Thrust library in Image processing? I would also like to see any examples.

Thanks for any responses.

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Thrust supports regualar algebra operations on matrices but if you are using mostly sparse matrices and need solver type operations take a look at cusp

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You can look and extend OPENCV 's Image libraries. They use NPP underlying and the code is BSD.

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For image processing, you may want the NPP library. Since you asked about matrix operations, you may want to take a look at CUBLAS and CUSPARSE, also available from nVidia, here.

As for actual Thrust integration of these libraries, many of us have been asking nVidia for that for ages. Roll your own wrapper is the way to go in this case.

That said, Thrust is fantastic for manipulating 1D signals.

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