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I have a class named Result which has 4 fields as id, marks, total, avg. I created the List class and stored the result.

Now I want to display only 2 columns in the datagrid. They are id and total. I successfully displayed the id and total but the datagrid shows 4 columns instead of 2. The columns are id, total, id, total

Here is my code to display the datagrid:

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        List<Result> result = new List<Result>();
        dgresult.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
        dgresult.ItemsSource = result;
        DataGridTextColumn col1 = new DataGridTextColumn();
        col1.Header = "Id";
        col1.Binding = new Binding("Id");
        DataGridTextColumn col2 = new DataGridTextColumn();
        col2.Header = "Total";
        col2.Binding = new Binding("Total");
class Result
    int id;
    int total;
    int marks;
    int avg;

    public int Id { get { return id; } set { id = value; } }
    public int Total { get { return total; } set { total = value; } }
    public int Marks { get { return marks; } set { marks = value; } }
    public int Avg { get { return avg; } set { avg = value; } }

    public Result(int ID, int TOTAL, int MARKS, int AVG)
        id = ID;
        total = TOTAL;
        marks = MARKS;
        avg = AVG;

I don't understand why it is happening like this.

Thanks in advance.

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Try setting ItemsSource after setting up the Columns. But don't see how the call to PopulateResult() populates the your result list. – Bala R Jun 16 '11 at 15:54
thats a function just adds the result to the list – Ajit Hegde Jun 16 '11 at 15:59
there is no way that function call fill result. There is something that I'm not understanding I guess. – Bala R Jun 16 '11 at 16:46
Working fine for me. I see only two columns. Exactly using your code – Haris Hasan Jun 16 '11 at 16:53
Can you show us your XAML? – Haris Hasan Jun 16 '11 at 16:54

I've added comments to your code that show my thoughts:

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Make a new list of result class objects, local to the Form1_Load method:
    List<Result> result = new List<Result>();

    // Call a method that populates a list... wait, what list?

    dgresult.AutoGenerateColumns = false;

    // Set the datagrid data source to the list created earlier
    dgresult.ItemsSource = result;
    // ...

I'm not sure why the datagrid has a duplicate set of columns after you've specified and added only two columns. It would help to see the method PopulateResult().

The list that PopulateResult() is adding to must be some other list, because the one created in Form1_Load is local in scope.

I'm not sure if this is just a little oversight, or if you need to learn about variable scope. Forgive me if this is already known to you:

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