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We are using a combination of facelets and spring web flow in our web project. There are some variables declared in the web flow. I would like to access these variables outside the flow. The reason I am trying to access these variable is, we are submitting a form using javaScript. We cannot submit a form as part of webflow using javaScript.

Can anybody give directions to submit a form using javaScript and still be part of web flow (as if a commandButton or commandLink was clicked)?


How can I access flow variables outside the we flow?

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I was able to find the solution after doing some more search on google. I was able to submit a form from javascript and still be part of the web flow. I followed the below steps:

  1. Javascript - form submit on change of combo-box value:

    jQ161("#comboBoxId").change(function(e) {
        var formAction = document.myform.action;
        document.myform.action = formAction + '&_eventId=showDetails&param1=value1';

    The eventId is set to value of the transition in the web flow.

  2. We need to have a JSF Phase listener. This listener intercepts in the JSF flow and divert the flow to web flow executor. I needed the flow to be intercepted after the Update Model Values JSF phase is completed. Following is the code for the same:

    import javax.el.ELContext;
    import javax.el.MethodExpression;
    import javax.faces.component.UICommand;
    import javax.faces.context.FacesContext;
    import javax.faces.event.ActionEvent;
    import javax.faces.event.PhaseEvent;
    import javax.faces.event.PhaseId;
    import javax.faces.event.PhaseListener;
    import org.springframework.faces.webflow.JsfUtils;
    public class EventIdPhaseListener implements PhaseListener {
    public void afterPhase(PhaseEvent event) {
        if (JsfUtils.isFlowRequest()) {
            FacesContext context = event.getFacesContext();
            if (context.getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap().containsKey("_eventId")) {
            UICommand eventSource = new UICommand();
            String eventId = (String) context.getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap().get("_eventId");
            eventSource.setActionExpression(convertEventIdToMethodExpression(context, eventId));
            context.getViewRoot().queueEvent(new ActionEvent(eventSource));
    public void beforePhase(PhaseEvent event) {
        // Do Nothing
    public PhaseId getPhaseId() {
        return PhaseId.UPDATE_MODEL_VALUES;
    private MethodExpression convertEventIdToMethodExpression(FacesContext facesContext, String eventId) {
    ELContext elContext = facesContext.getELContext();
    return facesContext.getApplication().getExpressionFactory().createMethodExpression(elContext, eventId,
            String.class, new Class[0]);

For further details check JSF Phase Listener and Spring web flow and MVC integration.

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