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Okay, I've always just developed my projects in as3 instead of mxml and I usually just setup my application to run a main actionscript file as my main doc root, sort of like how you do it in flash but in flash builder I do something like this:



            public function call_from_outside():void
                //Some code stuff here...


Now say MyAS3DocClass has a public function within it:

public function hitme():void

My question is, how can I call place a call to that function hitme() within the call_from_outside() function between the <fx:Script> tags?

The reason why I'm doing this is because I have some flash swfs that I load into another swf file and I can access the top level public functions of those flash swfs, however the top level of the flash builder/flex swfs is the main mxml file not my fake as3 class root. Of course I should think there is a way for me to access the as3 class methods of the mxml component but for keeping things with the same structure, I can bypass having to modify my loader scripts. Anyone have an ideas?

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(Please note that I changed your closing tag below. It will cause headaches if you omit that).

It looks like all you need to do is add an ID to your custom class:

<com id="myCustomClass">

And then you can simply access that value as a variable name inside the script tag:

        public function call_from_outside():void
            //other stuff


When you assign an ID to a tag in an MXML file, it is the same thing as adding public var <your-variable-name-here>:<tag-class> to an AS file (of course that's done by the compiler, so you shouldn't need to care). Once you assign an ID to MyAS3DocClass, it is instantly a publicly accessible variable. Once it is a publicly accessible variable, it can be used in public, protected, internal, namespace, and private functions!

If you don't like this idea and your custom class is a DisplayObject, you can also do this:

<com:MyAS3DocClass name="myCustomClass" />

then, in the script tag:

        public function call_from_outside():void
            //other stuff
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ahh right, so it's that simple? cool., yeah it's that simple lol cheers bud – Aesphere Jun 16 '11 at 16:20

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