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I'm using git config --global core.editor "mate -w" when using textmate. How do I set it to scite? I am not sure what -w or -f means. Thanks!

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-w is a command line option, see mate --help what it means. You can probably just use git config --global core.editor "scite", check scite --help for any options.

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Textmate has a command line helper program called mate which is installed in your path. This line in config says run that program (which runs TextMate), and the -w flag means wait for the file to be closed before carrying on.

For Scite - it may have a command line tool and a flag that lets it behave the same way.

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I just set the editor like the following and it worked fine:

git config --global core.editor "'C:/Program Files (x86)/Scintilla Text Editor/scite.exe'"

On another machine I had to change the path:

$ git config --global core.editor "'C:/Program Files (x86)/SciTE/scite.exe'"
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