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I have a word template (.dotx) that contains two tables.

for (int j = 0; j < 2; j++)
    Range range = tables[3].Range;
    Range rng = tables[3].Range;
    rng.SetRange(tables[4 + i].Range.End + 2, tables[4 + i].Range.End + 2);

    Range rangeTestSteps = tables[4].Range;
    Range rngTestSteps = tables[4].Range;
    rngTestSteps.SetRange(tables[4 + i].Range.End + 2, 
                          tables[4 + i].Range.End + 2);

I am able to create table dynamically but the prob is i have to add Table of contents after every two table.Please help me.@ plutext

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You could try the approach around custom xml data binding outlined at OpenDope.org

You'd need to write the C# code to process it though, since that hasn't been done yet.

There is also Flexdoc, though I don't recall whether it will help you if you have variable number of rows in your tables.

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