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This is a strange problem but I am perplexed on how to solve this - I have a UITableView that has custom UITableViewCells. Each UITableViewCell has two UITextFields and each UITextField is linked to a delegate that processes the textFieldDidEndEditing event. This works perfectly except in one instance.


The screen also has a 'Save' button and the problem arises when the user edits a UITextField and directly clicks the 'Save' button without clicking elsewhere in the screen. In such an event, the saveAction method is invoked before the textFieldDidEndEditing event and as a result the last edit of the user is lost.

I tried to debug using NSLog statements and found that while the textFieldDidEndEditing is indeed getting called, it is called after the saveAction event.

I thought about calling the textFieldDidEndEditing event from saveAction but that didnt make sense as I would have no idea about which UITextField is being edited.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

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Did you try sending the text field -resignFirstResponder inside -saveAction? –  pe8ter Jun 16 '11 at 16:47

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you could make a note of the text field that is active when the –textFieldDidBeginEditing: delegate method is called in your view controller

have an assigned property that points to the active text field and then in -saveAction send it -resignFirstResponder.


@property (nonatomic, assign) UITextField * editingTextField;

m file:

-(void)textFieldDidBeginEditing:(UITextField *)textField{
self.editingTextField = textField;

    [self.editingTextField resignFirstResponder];

 //continue implementation
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Thank you - a very simple solution that works effectively –  ChicagoSky Jun 16 '11 at 19:14

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