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I'm interested in clearing multiple structs I use in a large loop. Can I pass multiple structs to a single instance of StructClear():

StructClear( Struct1, Struct2, Struct3 );

or do I have to call it multiple times:

StructClear( Struct1 );
StructClear( Struct2 );
StructClear( Struct3 );

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Another way to work with this is you could nest your structs in one master struct...then if you wanted to clear all, clear the master struct.

<cfset masterObj = StructNew()/>
<cfset masterObj.users = StructNew()/>
<cfset masterObj.users.firstname = "kevin"/>
<cfset masterObj.users.age = 31/>
<cfset masterObj.browsers = StructNew()/>
<cfset masterObj.browsers.agent = "Mozilla"/>

<cfset StructClear(masterObj)/>
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Thanks Kevin. This works like a charm and provides the ease of clearing I was looking for. –  JimP Jun 16 '11 at 18:24

StructClear take one argument only so it is not possible

See Adobe live doc here.


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