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A particular header file may only be including "Foo.h" but Foo.h is including other headers which implicitly include many other headers. I would like to know all the headers that a particular file is including.

In case anybody is wondering why a plugin for Visual Studio; simply because of the way the include directories are set-up in the project. If an external tool does the job and allows me to specify the locations where it can search for the header files, that will do as well.

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The "External Dependencies" group will show all the implicitly included headers for a project, but won't break it down by file. – Mark Ransom Jun 16 '11 at 17:52
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I don't know of any plugins that do this, but you could whip up a homebrew solution by turning on the showIncludes flag in your projects settings, then doing a full build and parsing the output. The indentation changes based on the nesting of the includes.

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Try out Boost.Wave. It is straight forward to dump all the headers included. They also have an example named list_includes that does exactly that.

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