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Is there a way to grab a 'random matching' string via bash from a text file?

I am currently grabbing a download link via bash, curl & grep from a online text file.


DOWNLOADSTRING="$(curl -o - "http://example.com/folder/downloadlinks.txt" | grep "$VARIABLE")"

from online text file which contains


where $VARIABLE is something the user selected.

Works great, but i wanted to add some mirrors to the text file.

So when the variable 'banana' is selected, text file which i grep contains:


the code should pick a random 'banana' string and store it as the 'DOWNLOADSTRING' variable. the current code above can only work with 1 string in the text file, since it grabs everything 'banana'.

What this is for; i wanted to add some mirror downloadlinks for the files in the online text file, and the current code doesn't allow that.

Can i let grep grab one random 'banana' string? (and not all of them)

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Would it be enough to pick the first matched "string"? That can be done with grep -m 1 banana . Flag -m specifies the maximum number of found lines –  bbaja42 Jun 16 '11 at 17:18

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See this question to see how to get a random line after grep. rl seems like a good candidate

What's an easy way to read random line from a file in Unix command line?

then do a grep ... | rl | head -n 1

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Try this:

DOWNLOADSTRING="$(curl -o - "http://example.com/folder/downloadlinks.txt" | grep "$VARIABLE")" |
    sort -R | head -1

The output will be random-sorted and then the first line will be selected.

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Note that "|" is a command separator (like ";") so you don't need the line continuation character "\" –  glenn jackman Jun 16 '11 at 18:41
I think I once knew that ! I'm saying that because I was not sure whether I need a backslash or not; but I put it anyway, to make sure. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll edit the answer. –  Costi Ciudatu Jun 16 '11 at 22:20

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