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Here's my simplified table (SQL Server 2005):

table1: col1 int, col2 int, col3 cast(col1/col2 as int) [computed column]

for some reason the above doesn't work. i just want to save a WHOLE part of col1/col2, how do i do that?

example: col1 = 5, col2 = 3 ... col3 should be 1
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One option would be to use the floor function:



CONVERT(int, FLOOR(col1/col2)) -- Might be overkill

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what result are you getting when you do col1/col2 ? – ChrisHDog Mar 12 '09 at 7:16
nevermind ... i got the columns mixed up ... floor() works just fine – roman m Mar 12 '09 at 7:20

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