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I want to get the top-right corner of an image in flex .... so far i can just get the x and y which are top-left by default .... sorry im a noob and if this is a dumb question

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Have you tried adding the image width to x?

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Flex supports three coordinate systems as you will find here:

  • global
  • local
  • content

Depending on how your image is laid-out you will have to use the image.x and width values and an appropriate conversion function.

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I'm not very involved in Flex but for flash AS2 I would do:

var top:Number
var right:Number

top = myImageObj._y
right = myImageObj._x + myImageObj._width

There might be a bit different in AS3 I think they have changed "._y" to ".Y" but I'm not sure.

Anyway the principle is the same. Use the top left and then just add the width to get the right edge

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Using AS3 syntax it would be like: top = myImageObj.y; right = myImageObj.x + myImageObj.width; – Ross Henderson Jun 17 '09 at 16:04

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