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We are using Prism and is an excellent framework for composition and modularity. However, I haven't seen a good story around Blendability with Prism composition. When you have a code that has Regions, how do you generally support blendability with it?

I saw an interesting blog post which takes an approach of creating design time bootstrapper, module catalog, container to support this.

What is your experience with this? Is PnP team coming up with a better story around it? (ie maybe embed design time bootstrapper, designer time region managers inside Prism)?

I am trying to get this working for a modular Silverlight application using Ninject. I can try to follow above link and make it work, but I wanted to see if someone has better ideas around it?

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The series you provided in your link is very thorough (especially if you're using MEF (parts 3 and 4)). I'd stick with that to get the blendability you're looking for.

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