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I'm using the pylons "minify" webhelper to minify and combine all of my javascript/css files. It seems the helper concatenates all of the file names and uses the result as the name for the combined version. I have a lot of JavaScript files that are being combined and the resulting file name is giving the error:

IOError: [Errno 63] File name too long

Is there any way to manually specify the file name or shorten it without changing the helper code?

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Basicaly MinificationWebHelpers adds following options to the WebHelpers javascript_link and stylesheet_link functions:

  • minified (bool): Minifies/reduces as much as possible each of the files passed to it’s minimum size to reduce page load times.
  • combined (bool): Joins all files passed into a single one to reduce server requests which in turn reduces page load times.
  • beaker_kwargs (dict): override default arguments that will be passed to beaker_cache.
  • combined_filename (string): Name of the filename that will be used in conjunction with combined=True

So it looks like you can set combined_filename to whatever you want the name to be

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Hmm, looks like pylons implements its own minify helper that does not have the "combined_filename" option. I installed MinificationWebHelpers and that seems to be working though, thanks. –  rr. Jun 16 '11 at 19:54

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