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Can I, and, if I can, how can I set the default value of a field in a MySQL table to the value of another field?

Thing is: I have data, and each data object has its ID in the table. But, I would like the possibility to rearrange the data, changing their sorting index, without altering their ID. Thus, the field sort_num should by default be set to the value given to the auto-incremented indexed field ID.

Thanks in advance!

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I see two possible solutions for this:

1. Possibility:

You use a function to simply ignore sort_num if it is not set:

`SELECT * FROM mytable ORDER BY coalesce(sort_num, id)`

coalesce() returns the first non-null value, therefore you would insert values for sort_num if you really need to reorder items.

2. Possibility:

You write a trigger, which automatically sets the value if it is not set in the insert statement:


CREATE TRIGGER sort_num_trigger
    DECLARE auto_inc INT;
    IF (NEW.sort_num  is null) THEN
         -- determine next auto_increment value
        SELECT AUTO_INCREMENT INTO auto_inc FROM information_schema.TABLES
        -- and set the sort value to the same as the PK
        SET NEW.sort_num = auto_inc;
    END IF;

(inspired by this comment)

However, this might run into parallelization issues (multiple queries inserting at the same time)

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Its a bad idea to have an auto-increment column rearranged, hence better idea would be

Add a column sort_num to the table

ALTER TABLE data ADD sort_num column-definition; (column definition same as ID)

UPDATE data SET sort_num = ID

Now play with sort_num column as it has no effect on column ID

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well, I never intended to have the auto-increment column rearranged, the sort_num just needed the other's value as default in order for the sort_num column to be rearranged and not mess with the indices and the auto increments –  arik Jun 16 '11 at 20:33
Well you could use the above suggested method or deal with this on the server side. Like doing insert, getting last_insert_key and then update table data set sort_num = id where id = last_insert_key –  Adithya Surampudi Jun 16 '11 at 20:36

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