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"Catalog" is a class that stores a collection of "Item" objects. I have chosen to use a List collection for this purpose. So it looks like:

public class Catalog {
     List<Item> itemList;

The main class must be able to access the Item elements with a for loop that treats a Catalog object like a collection itself. Assume a Catalog object named "catalog:"

for (Item items : catalog) {
     //various operations involving item

Problem: I get the incompatible types error.

found: java.lang.Object
requird: Item

My Catalog class implements Iterable and has a method iterator() that returns an iterator for the List:

public Iterator iterator() {
    Iterator itr = itemList.iterator();
    return itr;

So what am I doing wrong?

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Catalog needs to implement Iterable<Item> and its iterator() method needs to return Iterator<Item>.

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public class Catalog implements Iterable<Item>{
public Iterator<Item> iterator(){
  return itemList.iterator();
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: is not used to specify type inheritance in java. – Mike Samuel Jun 16 '11 at 21:21
@Mike haha thanks – Jean-Bernard Pellerin Jun 16 '11 at 21:22

Make sure it implements Iterable<Item>, not just Iterable.

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It needs to implement Iterable<Item>.

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You need to specify a type parameter for the iterator

public Iterator<Item> iterator() {
    Iterator<Item> itr = itemList.iterator();
    return itr;

and when Catalag implements Iterable make sure it implements Iterable<Item>.

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It should implement:


(note the parameter)

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Try something like:

for(Item item : catalog.itemList) {
    // ... and so on.

as your Catalog class is not iterable, but it's itemList List is.

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