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I'm wondering an inline edit Textfield for Swing does exist. I googled around a bit and checked all swing libraries which I know, but i did not find such a component. Has anyone implemented such a edit-in-place swing component or does someone know such a project?

I know this SO Thread. but I do not want the "spreadsheet feeling".

--- Edit

Because I was not clear what I mean with edit-in-place component:

Essentially the component should look like a Label, but when I click on the Label, it is replaced with a Textfield. Of course this would be trivial to implement with JLabel and JTextfield, but I want a more sophisticated solution. Here a screenshot from a Javascript when hovering the editable field: Editable Screen

And here when clicking on it: Editable Screen2

Of course I do not want the picklist here, but this is just for visualization. I hope you get the idea :)

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What do you mean with "edit-in-place"? In which place? –  a_horse_with_no_name Jun 16 '11 at 22:11

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Use a JTextField.

  1. You can set the text field non-editable and the background to be non-opaque.
  2. Then you add a MouseLstener to the component. On a mouse click you set the text field editable and make it opaque.
  3. When the component loses focus you reset the properties again. So you would also need to add a FocusListener to the text field.
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I believe JEditorPane is what you're looking for.

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