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I am using GWT ext and trying to get the values from page and setting it in pojo class.

Except date field all the values are obtained using

(TimeField) ComponentMgr.getComponent(id[2])).getText())....

But while using the same snippet for date field it fails to perform.

Can any one help me with this issue please......

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Am I not clear with my Question –  Sai Prasad Mar 13 '09 at 9:22

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This works fine for me:


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If you want to convert a string to a date field, you'll have to parse it. Bear in mind that there are already out-of-the-box date pickers in GWT 1.6. If you're using a version that does not come with date pickers, there are several projects like this.

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I have also used date field many times. DateField field = new DateField(); field.getValue();

This will return value as Date instance.So If your pojo has date property then you need to parse it. For the string value you should go for getText() method.

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