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I'm trying to create a menu in VB.Net where one item in the menu has a submenu that sprouts off to the side when the user hovers over it. In other words, a completely ordinary submenu that everyone's used a million times.

My main menu items are of class ToolStripMenuItem. I can get close to the behavior I want by using the item's "DropDown" member. This creates the submenu behavior correctly, but I also need to be able to check and uncheck the items in the submenu. I've set the submenu items' "CheckOnClick" property to True, but checkboxes are still not displayed when I run the program.

Is it possible to get this behavior? Is it possible with ToolStripMenuItem?

Here's the code I currently have, which gets close, but doesn't give me checkboxes:

Dim mainItem As ToolStripMenuItem = New ToolStripMenuItem()
mainItem.Text = "Click For Submenu"

Dim subMenu As ToolStripDropDown = New ToolStripDropDown()
For Each item As ToolStripMenuItem In listOfItems
  item.CheckOnClick = True

mainItem.DropDown = subMenu
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Try getting rid of that subMenu variable and change the code this way:

For Each mi As ToolStripMenuItem In listOfItems
  mi.CheckOnClick = True
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That did it! I don't know why this easy answer was so hard to find. Thanks! – nttaylor Jun 17 '11 at 14:28

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