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Hi All I am a newcomer here,

I am using the following code from an open source library (Matrix Toolkits for Java) which outputs the following matrix

  1000       1000                   5
     3          5  1.000000000000e+00

I am trying to do a String split that will return me 1000,1000,5

I tried using String[] parts = str.trim().split("\\s");

but it seems using the \s as a String Token is wrong, any idea what I should use instead?

thanks a lot!

public String toString() {
        // Output into coordinate format. Indices start from 1 instead of 0
        Formatter out = new Formatter();

        out.format("%10d %10d %19d\n", numRows, numColumns, Matrices

        for (MatrixEntry e : this)
            if (e.get() != 0)
                out.format("%10d %10d % .12e\n", e.row() + 1, e.column() + 1, e

        return out.toString();
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You should split on any number of spaces, not just single ones. That is, add "+" to your regexp like this:

String[] parts = str.trim().split("\\s+");
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Thanks for the quick reply! it works! – freshWoWer Mar 12 '09 at 9:55

StringTokenizer should also be able to do what you want.

String s = "  1000       1000                   5";
java.util.StringTokenizer st = new java.util.StringTokenizer(s);
while (st.hasMoreTokens()) {
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nice alternative solution as well thanks alot! – freshWoWer Mar 12 '09 at 9:56

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