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Is this possible?

To give a simplified explanation of what I want to do:

I have a repository "A" with a subrepository "B". I have two copies of the pair.

In one copy (let's call it the small copy), "A" has changesets A1-A5, and "B" has changesets B1-B20.

In the other (big) copy, "A" has changesets A1-A10, and "B" has changesets B1-B30.

What I want to do is have take all the files from the big repo and commit them to the small one as changesets A6 and B21. Then I will push that to the server. (The big repo does not exist on the server, so this should not create any conflicts.).

Tools in this area do seem to exist -- see here, for example. The problem is I don't know whether any of the suggested methods play nice with subrepositories.

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It sounds like you want to use something like the collapse extension.

Alternately, next time you could use mercurial queues so that your A6-A10 are commits on a patch in a patch repo, which you can then qfinish and push as A6. The suprepo existing shouldn't change either of those suggestions in any fundamental way.

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