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I have created a JTree in which I want to highlight a file and if the directory containing the file is invisible, I need to expand it.

Ex: I have created a JTree with the root node- D:/Company/abb/src. The file which I want to highlight is - D:/Company/abb/src/bin/help.txt

Please give me some logic to highlight the file help.txt.

Thanks in advance

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I have a JTree which represents the file system. Here's my code to cause a specific directory to be selected (and the tree expanded and the view scrolled if required).

JTree fsTree;

void setSelectedPath(String pth) {
    TreePath                        jtp=buildTreePath(new File(pth));

    if(fsTree.getSelectionPath()==null) { fsTree.setSelectionRow(0);       }
    else                                { fsTree.scrollPathToVisible(jtp); }

public TreePath buildTreePath(File dir) {
    ArrayList                           elms=new ArrayList();

    do { elms.add(0,dir); } while((dir=dir.getParentFile())!=null);
    return new TreePath(elms.toArray(new File[elms.size()]));
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JTree.makeVisible() should be what you need.

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That depends on the model of your JTree. You can construct a TreePath by specifying the single components that make up the path. Check the documentation. –  Bombe Mar 12 '09 at 10:45
Can u plz give me an example to build the TreePath. I am using DefaultTreeModel. It helps me a lot. –  user77130 Mar 12 '09 at 11:15
AFAIK you have to create your own model for this kind of feature. –  Daniel Rikowski Mar 12 '09 at 11:23

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