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I'm getting segfaults when calling a dbus method inside a thread. This is my scenario: I have a program Service1 that exposes a method test. A second program Service2 exposes a method expose. As this method does some serious numerical computation, I pass some params from expose to a running thread reader. This thread, in turn, calls the method test of Service1 when it ends its work. I'm geting segfaults in last dbus call.

The code:

class Service1(Object):
    def __init__(self, bus):
        name = BusName('com.example.Service1', bus)
        path = '/'
       super(Service1, self).__init__(name, path)

        in_signature='s', out_signature='s')
    def test(self, test):
        print 'test being called'
        return test

dbus_loop = DBusGMainLoop()
dsession = SessionBus(mainloop=dbus_loop)
loop = gobject.MainLoop()

im = Service1(dsession)

dbus_loop = DBusGMainLoop()
dsession = SessionBus(mainloop=dbus_loop)

class Service2(Object):
def __init__(self, bus):
    name = BusName('com.example.Service2', bus)
    super(Service2, self).__init__(name, '/')

    self.queue = Queue()
    self.db = bus.get_object('com.example.Service1', '/')
    self.dbi = dbus.Interface(self.db, dbus_interface='com.example.Service1')

        in_signature='', out_signature='')
def expose(self):
    print 'calling expose'

def reader(self):
    while True:
        val = self.queue.get()
        dd = self.dbi.test('test')
        print dd

loop = gobject.MainLoop()

im = Service2(dsession)
reader = threading.Thread(target=im.reader)

To test, run, and later this snippet:

dbus_loop = DBusGMainLoop()
session = SessionBus(mainloop=dbus_loop)
proxy = session.get_object('com.example.Service2', '/')
test_i = dbus.Interface(proxy, dbus_interface='com.example.Service2')
test_i.expose() should crash after running this code a few times. But why?

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I think this… could be related with my problem – Sergio Jun 17 '11 at 10:56
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gobject.threads_init() is not enough, you need to call dbus.mainloop.glib.threads_init() to make dbus-glib thread safe.

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Isn't gobject just a wrapper to glib, and aren't those threads_init() therefore the same function? – Teddy Feb 8 '13 at 0:45

In, Try calling gobject.threads_init() before assigning dbus_loop to DBusGMainLoop().

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