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I'm trying to do a simple check in a bash build script to check if the built file XML is newer than the component xml files in a directory.

So basically I have a src/ directory with 10 XML files and a final.xml that is built from those files.

What would be a simple way to check the modification time of the final.xml to ensure it is older than the files in src/.

Something similiar to ANT's

    <uptodate property="" targetfile="${final.xml}">
        <srcfiles dir="${src.dir}" includes="**/*.xml" />

Or the basic functionality of a Make file (but I'd rather just do it in the script than add Make/ANT as a dependency).

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find src -type f | while read filename; do
    if [ "$filename" -nt "final.xml" ]; then
        echo "Oh noes, final.xml is out of date..."
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The key here is the test operator -nt (for newer than); there is the analogous -ot (older than) test too. These compare the two files on either side, determining whether the RHS is newer than (older than) the one on the LHS. – Jonathan Leffler Jun 16 '11 at 23:41
find src -newer src/final.xml -print

will print all files what are "newer" as final.xml


n=$(find src -newer src/final.xml | grep -c '.') && echo Here is $n newer files

will do echo only when here is ANY newer file, otherwise the echo will be not executed

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