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I'm writing simple function witch will read data from myfile.txt with fgets(). Content of file is something like:





Function to get first value (1):

$f = fopen ("myfile.txt", "r");
$mystring = fgets ($f);

Now, when I use $mystring to write in file like:

$f1 = fopen ("myfile2.txt", "w"); 
fwrite($f1, 'text' . $mystrin . 'more text');

text 'more text' goes to new row.

I want to have it in in same row with other text.

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When reading a file using fgets() it will include the newline at the end. You only need to remove it.

$mystring = trim ($mystring);

This will remove any leading and trailing whitespaces.

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Thank you for help. – Nebojsa Jun 17 '11 at 13:31

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